3-Hour Breakthrough Session

$ 750

During this One-on-One deep-dive session we will clarify your goals, aligning it with your true desires, identify your block (what is holding you back from creating the life of your dreams), and write an action plan that will simplify your next steps to reach your goal.

You’ll leave knowing what you want to create, what will get you there, and what your very next step is.

The Breakthrough Process

  1. Clarify your goal(s) 

  2. Identify your block(s)

  3. Create your action plan

What's Included

Kickoff Questionnaire

  • Thought-provoking questions to help you think about your current reality and dream vision for each important area of life

  • Explore what’s holding you back without judgment, the first step to moving forward.

(1) 3-hour Breakthrough Workshop

Bring your doubts and leave with direction and focus.

  • Know what you want to create

  • Have a detailed roadmap to get you there, and what your very next steps are

  • Held virtually over Zoom

(1) 30-minute Follow-Up Call

2 weeks after our workshop we’ll check-in to support the integration of your new action plan.

Documentation Of Our Work

Your primary document consolidating our work together. This workbook will guide your actions and evolve with you on your transformational journey.

Next Steps

Feel free to contact me to set up a complimentary call to review any questions. Once you’re ready to start, here are the next steps:

  1. Complete the payment process.

  2. Receive a confirmation email with your kickoff questionnaire and a request to schedule your breakthrough session.

  3. Complete kickoff questionnaire & schedule session date.

  4. Kickoff session to give you clarity , get you in action and be unstoppable!