Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.

Have you ever made a list of all the things you want out of life? 

Perhaps you noted all of your short- and long-term goals because you heard that putting them on paper helps make them a reality, but then you set that list aside and never really thought about it again. Now, as you reflect on your list, you may even realize that you never saw any real results. That's likely because you missed a key step in your process — you failed to truly manifest what you desire.  


In what areas of your life would you like to build confidence?

Have you ever had a job interview that went really well, but you still didn't get the position? Or perhaps you wrote an amazing proposal for a potential client but failed to win the bid. Maybe you wore your power suit to work only to get splashed by a truck driving through a huge puddle just before you got to the office. Whatever it was, it probably shook your confidence. Don't worry, you're not alone. Even people who seem to exude self-confidence have off days, but building and growing confidence are possible for anyone — even you.



Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others? Think about the last 24 hours: How many people have you been envious of or made your life feel like it paled in comparison? When you want to feel better about yourself, you might engage in comparisons to those who are worse off than you are. However, this is an unhealthy habit. It's important to know how to stop comparing yourself to others and be yourself.


What Motivation Can Actually Look Like

When most people think of motivation, they recall a feeling when they're excited and have loads of ambition to finish the task or goal at hand. That part of motivation is easy when you're focused and enthusiastic. What happens when the enthusiasm and ambition dissipate?


12 Habits That Successful People Cultivate

In a digital world, content is king. But constantly creating content can be exhausting (and expensive). So how can you create effective copy and visuals for your website, social media, and marketing campaigns without exhausting your resources?


How To Gain More Energy Throughout Your Day

With family, personal, and professional commitments pulling us in different directions on a daily basis, it's easy to run out of energy very quickly. When fatigue sets in, you probably find that you're less effective at your tasks for the day and could end up experiencing burnout. A few lifestyle changes and new habits can help you gain more energy throughout the day.