How To Create More Energy Throughout the Day

With family, personal, and professional commitments pulling us in different directions on a daily basis, it's easy to run out of energy very quickly. When fatigue sets in, you probably find that you're less effective at your tasks for the day and could end up experiencing burnout. A few lifestyle changes and new habits can help you gain more energy throughout the day.

What Could Lead to Low Energy?

Reasons for a lack of energy include the following:

  • A poor diet: A diet high in fatty foods can interfere with your sleep at night. Consequently, you could find yourself feeling low on energy throughout the day. In addition, consuming foods that are high in sugar will result in your energy levels crashing very quickly.
  • Poor exercise habits: Not maintaining a decent level of physical activity through regular exercise can leave you feeling very tired. On the flip side, exercising too much can also deplete your energy reserves and leave you running on empty.
  • Poor sleeping habits: Sleep helps you recharge and reset; without it, you will feel tired all through the day. Using your phone or computer just before bed and eating too close to your bedtime are common culprits of sleep disruption.

How To Get More Energy

There are many ways to get more energy throughout the day if you're willing to make small but important changes to your lifestyle. If you find yourself constantly running low on energy, these tips will help you discover how to gain more energy throughout the day.

Reduce Your Workload

One of the biggest causes of fatigue is overworking yourself. Too much to do on a daily basis, including professional and family obligations, will sap your energy and leave you feeling burned out. To preserve and boost your energy, reduce the number of things you take on. Make a to-do list and prioritize accordingly. If you find that you need to share some of your responsibilities with someone else, ask for help.

Develop An Exercise Regimen

According to researchers at the University of Georgia, exercising regularly is a good way to gain more energy. Performing light physical activity can increase your energy levels by up to 20%. In addition, exercise increases the level of dopamine — the feel-good hormone — in your brain and improves oxygen circulation throughout your system. Next time you feel yourself running on fumes, go outside and take a walk. If you'd rather stay indoors, roll out your mat, and practice some yoga. Remember to keep the pace light and easy for that energy boost.

Optimize Your Diet

Food is the primary source of fuel for the body when consumed in the right proportions and compositions. Switch to a diet high in foods with a low glycemic index. These foods release sugar into your bloodstream slowly, preventing the energy spike and subsequent crash that follows a sugar rush. If you need to snack, indulge in peanuts or almonds, which are high in magnesium and great for boosting your energy.

Stay Hydrated

Sometimes, that feeling of fatigue (or hunger) is actually caused by thirst. Stay hydrated with pure water, and you can maintain the energy you need to get through the day.

Regulate Your Caffeine Intake

Your early morning cup of coffee may be great for an energy boost, but if you drink some late in the day, your sleep schedule could be disrupted. Limit your coffee intake to before noon, and your energy levels won't take a hit.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

It's good practice to restrict your alcohol consumption to periods when you won't mind a drop in your energy levels. So, a drink on the weekends is not a bad idea. However, on workdays, it's probably best not to drink during the day.

Maintain Social Interactions

Staying cooped up indoors can deplete your energy stores. As human beings, we are social creatures who need to be around other people to function effectively. Isolation can contribute to high-stress levels and fatigue. Create time in your schedule to see your friends. Go out with them or visit and catch up on each other's lives. The next time you feel like declining an invitation, reconsider — that may just be the pick-me-up you need.

Navigating life in the present times requires balancing many different tasks, which all require energy. Follow these tips to gain more energy as you take on what life sends your way. Remember to tap into your network and ask for help when you feel yourself slipping.

About Louise

Louise Heite is a certified life & business coach, leadership consultant, and holistic wellness advocate who helps founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders fuel their best selves and find breakthrough success.

With a track record of proven results, she helped scale and lead global customer support groups, built strong partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, and headed a crisis management team that brought over 2,000 people to safety. She is passionate about helping high-achieving individuals live life on purpose.