• Louise Heite

The Most Powerful Lessons I've Learned This Year

I have never experienced another year remotely similar to 2019. Over the past twelve months, I have experienced all the feels. I have traveled to unexplored, uncomfortable and truly life-changing destinations. I have grown in ways I ought impossible. It has been one massive soul searching adventure and it remains a daily process - a continual flow of personal growth and learning. It made me connect and understand myself at a deeper level, it allowed me to understand and see things from a different point of view. It shaped me into a more thoughtful human being.

I am well aware we still have one month left in 2019, but 2020 be warned, one badass woman is ready for you!

I’d love to share with you my 6 key learnings and in the same breath I want to empower you to also reflect back on 2019 and share what you’ve learned.

From my heart to yours. Much love and deepest gratitude. ❤

Louise xoxo

Lesson 1. Being a woman is a powerful thing

It was mama Gena who sparked something in me [and 5,000 other women] last November. She gave us the courage to rise. She empowered us to connect to our love, our longings, our desires, our creativity. All of them, even-though they are messy. They are imperfect. They’re not particularly Instagram-able. We are miraculous and unexplainable. And sometimes we forget to feel into that truth. Because we are striving for some kind of aspirational perfection that comes from a culture that has lost its poetry.

Because we are forgetting how beautiful the mess is.

And how necessary. And how f—–ing interesting. Because, otherwise, we’re just … okay.

Lesson 2. You never know what someone is going through

Having met so many incredible human beings in 2019, I have also been reminded to “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”. Sometimes you’ll never know so just choose to be kind.

Lesson 3. Your word creates your world

How many times a day do we throw our words away? We say things like, “I hate my hair,” “I’m not good enough,” “I can’t do this”. We never think that these words bring negative energy into our vibration and affect us on a physical level, but they do.

During a personal development course back in February I learned how the words we use create our world. Some of us are in the habit of using the same negative words over and over again simply out of habit. The problem is that the more we hear, read, or speak a word or phrase, the more power it has over us. I’m sure you’ve experienced having a song stuck in your head all day long, and try as you might, you just can’t get the melody out of your head. Repetition is the most powerful tool to imprint something into our minds and keep it there. So what world are you creating for yourself?

“The power of words is magical, spiritual, incredible. Nothing is more powerful than words. Use them well in your life.”

Lesson 4. The Secret to Being Present

Have you ever tried to listen to someone for a minimum of 4 minutes without saying a word? If not, I challenge you to try and let me know how the experience was for you. If you have tried this then I’ll trust you’ll agree with me that this is bloody hard work. In most cases the fact that we’re ‘not talking’ doesn’t mean we’re actually listening. Often we’re preoccupied with our to-do list, mull on better ways to spend our time, or compose our weekly shopping list. While we may be physically present, we’re mentally in another universe. Sadly we’re in good company. A study by Harvard University psychologists concluded that we spend 46.9 percent of our waking hours thinking about something other than what we’re doing. While this is a cognitive achievement in itself, it consumes mental energy and has other costs too: when our mind is wandering we are less happy, our relationships are shallower and people around us don’t feel heard. The truth is that our own mental dialogue is the greatest obstacle to being able to listen. This year I practiced and learned to be present with the same dedication and practice I devote to my exercise routine. With the bonus that I didn’t have to pay a NY class fee to listen 🤩. It’s been a gift and truly magnetic to be able to connect with others in a profound, meaningful way.

Lesson 5. Patience

Becoming a mother back in 2012 was my first real encounter of practicing more patience with my daughter, my close relationships and certainly with myself. While I felt pretty comfortable to add patience to my list of strengths, I truly had to reconsider that one this year. Growing my coaching practice required me to take my patience to a whole new level.

They say patience develops excellence and talent is long-earned patience.

At the core of every true success is an awareness of the difficulties inherent in any achievement and the confidence that by persisting and being patient, something worthwhile will be realized. Through patience we are able to offer our distinctive mark of excellence to the world. This is no small thing, for the world desperately needs the best of what each of us has to offer. On many nights I had to remind myself that building a brand and reputation takes time, that when we plant a seed we cannot expect a flower overnight.

Patience truly is a virtue.

Lesson 6. Never fail to try more

How do you know the limits of your abilities if you never challenge yourself and test those limits? This year I have challenged and pushed myself and I’ll continue doing so until the point where I fail because otherwise there’s still the potential that I could be capable of more. No weightlifter would ever stick to 20 pounds just because they know for a fact that they could bench it. They would increase the weight until they were at the brink of not being able to lift it, and then work to push beyond that limit. Living a mediocre life just means that you are willing to settle for less than your best or pursuing less than your greatest ambitions. It has nothing to do with comparing yourself to others because for some people benching 20 pounds may be a feat in every sense of the word.

Louise is a work life balance coach for ambitious but busy parents. She teaches and guides women all over the world gain clarity and foster the right mindset to become the fearless leaders they are meant to be. To release their fear, put a stop on the energy leaks and elevate their life both personal and professionally.