What I Do When I Feel Like Giving Up

Louise Heite | February 25, 2021


We’re living in an age of speed and rapid acceleration. A rhythm of rush can be found all around us: fast food, fast fashion, fast internet, fast delivery. 

Our schedules are hectic, busy, and packed full of personal and professional responsibilities that swallow us up and then spit us out on the other side, feeling empty, overwhelmed, exhausted, and often lost, at the sense that there’s no way out. 

We’re all wired up, but we’re melting down. 

I like getting more done, faster, and I lived most of my life in the fast lane, but I also recognize how costly it can be to fall for this emotionally-wrecking trap of the hurry-up life philosophy.

Speed is the enemy of depth, nuance, attention to detail, reflection, learning, and rich relationships.

It wasn’t until two years ago when I decided to trade speed for the path to depth, and excellence. 

Honestly, how would you feel if you knew the surgeon operating on you was racing through your surgery while checking email, and writing texts along the way? 

My focus is no longer on speed but shifted to doing what’s most important to me and my growth. It’s no longer about going as fast as possible but all about doing the best I can. 

The faster we move, the less we feel, which may be a primary reason we move so fast. 

Why would you want this too? Why is moving away from a rhythm of rush and shifting to the think slow to move fast way of life exactly what we all desperately need? My key takeaways:

  • You’re putting yourself first, which means that you’re prioritizing your own emotional and mental wellbeing before anyone else’s because you realize that you cannot give from that which you don’t have.
  • You’re becoming more intentional about how you want to live your day-to-day life and the kind of lifestyle you want to lead, so you’re not doing more—you’re doing less of what doesn’t matter so you can do more of what does.
  • You’re not rushing in the mornings. Instead, you’re giving yourself the time to discover how you want to set the tone for the day, so you’re creating rituals that work for you and are tailored to your needs rather than to what society tells you a self-care plan should look like.
  • You’re meditating and reading books to nourish your mind. You’re journaling and making time to practice hobbies that you love so you can feed your soul. You’re treating your body with the respect it deserves. You stretch to stay flexible. You move and exercise regularly. You try to eat healthy wholesome foods, but you also allow yourself the fun of indulging in sweet delights. 
  • Anytime you’re faced with a dilemma, you ask yourself this question: “Does this matter to me?” If the answer is yes, you give it your attention. Otherwise, you let it go.
  • You’re saying “no” more than you’re saying “yes.” You’re protecting your time and safeguarding your energy. You’re not jumping into things just because they sound cool—you’re going back to that question of “does this even matter to me?”
  • You’re learning how to design an environment that is conducive to your growth; you’re choosing to move away from people with negative energies and closer to people who uplift you. That’s how you’re creating more space for wonder and inspiration.
  • You’re starting to accept that struggle is simply the refusal to accept what is. So now you’re teaching yourself how to surrender to the flow of life. You’re learning how to trust the process and you’re becoming more aware of the benefits of focusing only on what’s within your control.
  • You’re slowing down to become more observant and conscious of the beauty all around you. You’re becoming more grateful for all that life has to offer you: The sun in the sky, the soothing sound of the waves kissing the shore, the comfortable bed you get to sleep in tonight.
  • You’re recognizing that the sanctuary is found within you and the only way to reach it is to be kind to yourself first, so you can then be kind to all other humans around you.

It’s a way of being, a mindset that values mindful, intentional decision-making over rapid, intense, and aimless acceleration. So instead of living a life of escapism where you run from what’s wrong, you consciously create a roadmap that poises you for success. When you shift from living in a state of flux and focus on finding your center you can get from where you are to where you want to be.

To thinking slow to move fast.

May your week be filled with good energy! ☀


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About the Author

Louise Heite runs a leadership consultancy for high-achievers. Her methodology is deep coaching - bespoke, not time-based. When she’s not serving her clients powerfully, she runs wild in nature, brews kombucha, and is cozying up with a good book.