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Work with me

to generate the results you truly want for your life

I hear you — you’re ready to once-and-for-all get the clarity, focus, confidence, drive to take your life to the next level. I work with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, high achievers and anything in-between to breakthrough blocks and get in action. Let’s make your dreams your reality. 

Inspired to take action? Let's Talk!

4-Month Private Coaching

During this program we will clarify your wants, take a holistic look at your current reality and set your goals so you feel confident to decide where to point your power in the most effective way. 

Imagine, in just 4 months, having the space and clarity to go after your inner most desires.

You’ll get the tools, accountability and support you need to create the results you want to see show up in your life.

3-Hour Breakthrough Session

During this deep-dive session we will clarify your goals aligning with your true desires, identify what is holding you back from creating what you want the most and write an action plan that will simplify your next steps to reach your goal. 

You’ll leave with greater clarity and inspired actions to generate your desired results. 

What you seek is seeking you!

What to do next? 

As a mother and business owner, I know #thejuggleisreal. Here are your next steps to create a more fulfilling, successful and balanced life.


  • Step 2: Do the work, together. I’ll coach you every step of the way to get you the results you came for.

  • Step 3: Get back to doing what you love. Enjoy the renewed confidence and  freedom!

Looking for clarity?

Success Stories

"Louise helped me transform my life from feeling lost and overwhelmed about starting a career in New York after a long hiatus. Through our sessions we questioned and finally addressed the root causes of my insecurity and hesitation, she placed structure that helped direct my career and happy life balance search. Most importantly she instilled an affirmative mindset in me that I still hold on to. When I’m in doubt or insecure I learned through Louise how to quickly reject undermining thoughts. The other great thing about Louise is that she’s practical and professional. She is able to give you useful career advice. She is also resourceful and has great inspiring ideas. She really listens and always comes back with more after a session."

Yumna Madi, Customer Experience Consultant

"Louise helped me tremendously with setting up my priorities, getting organized and getting focused in my personal and professional life. After each session, I received a follow up email with all the important points we discussed. I found this very helpful to continue following and achieving my goals! Louise is a great listeners and she creates a very warm, non-critical environment during the sessions. On the other hand, she’s practical and organized."

Yaala Ballin, Singer-songwriter

"Louise is an amazing person, full of strength and patient. Thanks to our sessions and her unique approach my  life has changed profoundly. My results wouldn't have been the same if I haven't chosen Louise."
Sara Sestini, Trailblazer