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Louise Heite powers forward-thinking teams with premier leadership coaching. Launch or scale a customized in-house coaching program with measurable ROI this week.

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Everything you need to deliver a high-impact

leadership coaching program in-house.

Organizational Efficiency

When partnering with us, one of the clearest advantages to your organization is the time and energy saved by not needing to recruit and manage internally.

Outcome-Driven Approach 

Across a development time period, we partner to aggregate and report data on outcomes for coaching participants and share this data with the organization.

Agility & Responsiveness

As your coaching partner, we are able to adjust quickly and respond to just-in-time needs with coaching and development processes and can be called upon when needed.


82% of individuals who receive leadership coaching benefited from increased levels of well-being, transformational leadership, improved work performance, and a higher quality of communication.


Leaders report that leveraging their strengths and increased confidence helps them form greater connections and increased trust and empowerment with their teams. The result is that their teams feel more motivated to expand their impact across the organization, thereby increasing team performance.


A high-impact leadership coaching program is proven to produce a 221% ROI for organizations, not including the financial benefits from employee retention.

Leadership coaching is proven to drive results.

At a high level, every participant in our leadership coaching program can expect to gain:

Transformed Leadership

Gain new skills and harness your unique leadership style and aspirations into a personalized actionable plan to immediately put to use in your organization -creating urgency and driving results.

Thought Partnership Around Current Challenges

Explore new opportunities and possibilities. Master ambiguity and work through contradicting signals. Challenge norms and enhanced ability to work effectively across boundaries.

Sharpened Communication Skills

Communication is key to compelling leadership. Learn effective communication practices that increase your impact.

Confidence Building

Navigate uncertainty with confidence. Master resilience, turning risks into opportunity. Increased emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Accountability and Follow-through

Receive support in-between sessions through a private workspace to help you implement your breakthroughs in your career, organization, and life for sustained impact.

Improved Focus & Productivity

Manage and maintain healthy stress levels. Implement good routines that will positively impact your output throughout the day. Gain clarity, know your focus, and amplify your results.

Take Your Team

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Our leadership coaching program is designed to amplify your company’s operations, team, and culture

to promote exponential levels of success, profits, and growth.

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