Clients Sharing Their Experience.

I didn't know the potential and courage I had locked away before I met Louise. Louise shone a light on my strengths and helped me understand and optimize unhelpful habits that a long working life will inevitably create. It helps that I trust Louise implicitly from a previous job, so I could let her in to help straighten out even the things I didn't even want to admit to myself. It was difficult, but not dangerous. And we are boundless.

I highly recommend boarding this jet, if you're ready to fly. 🚀

Christina S.B.,

Expert Director

Louise has been a tremendous help and I've thoroughly enjoyed her executive coaching sessions. Before working with Louise I was lacking confidence in my new role, was unsure of how to help mentor my teams, and lacked a mentor myself. Since our sessions, Louise has helped me become a confident leader, grow and mentor my company, and improve my working relationships. I'm enjoying being confident in my role, being confident in how to handle various working relationships, and being confident in how to help grow my team to reach their goals. I am so glad I worked with Louise. I'm so excited to see how my company grows together. I would recommend Louise and her executive coaching skills to any new executive. Thank you for all of your coaching and advice, Louise!

Jennifer R.,


I truly loved working together with Louise over the past year. She helped me a lot to gain clarity & vision on my next steps and future plans, businesswise ànd personal. Her honest and straightforward way of communicating speeds up the process and helps to set goals and milestones. Louise knows like no other to pinpoint those specific things that are holding you back your growth and your way to success. Working with her was and is an amazing experience. Would definitely recommend it for everyone with ambition and who is in for personal growth.

Dries H.,

Founder & CEO

Louise is hands-down the best coach I have ever worked with due to her astuteness, warmth, life experience, dependability, and balance of pragmatism and humanness. She is discerning but not patronizing. She is compassionate yet gently challenging. She is detail-oriented but never voyeuristic or clinical. The breadth of areas she works with me on is reassuringly broad, from snafus in the office and vulnerability in close relationships to breakthroughs and patterns in hobbies. She probes with questions or makes targeted suggestions instead of prescribing random worksheets or books I’ve already read. She is also flexible; I can bring in topics that are top-of-mind, or she can find items from her detailed session notes so it never feels like we are treading water. Meeting Louise was a stroke of sheer dumb luck for which I am grateful, and it is such a privilege to work with her!

Melody C.,

Founder & Product Designer

Before working with Louise I was struggling with proper delegation, the average performance of my team, a distorted perception, and a lack of confidence in introducing new programs and communicating at scale. Louise helped me with pausing, reflecting, and asking deeper questions to enhance my communication. Louise also helped me increase my team's performance and implement more structure around time management. I am now enjoying the many amazing new programs implemented since. I also noticed how I am using more empathy and human touch while communicating with others. The best of all is watching my team flourish with the structured meetings & the empowerment to achieve new goals & tasks definitely on top feeling much more self-confident.

Louise, You have helped me so much- in small ways and big!!! I’m sure I am missing many things but I very much appreciate you! You are so genuine and truly an inspiration to me. Grateful for our time and glad to know we will still be connected!

Ryan T.,

VP of People

“I initially decided to find a coach to get an answer to the question "What makes me happy?". Soon, I realized the answer to that question does not exist, at least I wouldn't find it with someone else. Louise has really shown me that through unraveling the layers, I could find the answers within me, resulting in feeling empowered about my decisions and thus, the destiny of my own life. In the year that I have worked with Louise, I have taken some of the boldest decisions in my life, whilst experiencing so much clarity about the direction I needed to go. Our sessions, and the time between them, are always full of reflection, action, and noticeable results. It seems daft, but it works having someone to keep you accountable for the choices you make yourself, in becoming happier, and quicker. Thanks, Louise, you are my rock!”

Sarah DG.

Founder & Development Director 

"Thank you thank you thank you. You are such a shining light in my life. I can not do this without you. I have been inspired by you more times than I can even count!”

Sara C.C.,

Principal & Founder, Hello Sara Christine

"Louise helped me transform my life from feeling lost and overwhelmed about starting a career in New York after a long hiatus. Through our sessions we questioned and finally addressed the root causes of my insecurity and hesitation, she placed a structure that helped direct my career and happy life balance search. Most importantly she instilled an affirmative mindset in me that I still hold on to. When I’m in doubt or insecure I learned through Louise how to quickly reject undermining thoughts. The other great thing about Louise is that she’s practical and professional. She is able to give you useful career advice. She is also resourceful and has great inspiring ideas. She really listens and always comes back with more after a session." 

Yumna M.,

CX Director, Zooba

"As a singer-songwriter and a mother, I was at a loss to find my new identity within my professional world. Working with Louise has helped me to gain clarity, build momentum, and get organized so I could focus my time and energy on my priorities. After each session, I received a follow-up email with all the important points we discussed. I found this very helpful to continue following and achieving my goals! Louise is a great listener, and she creates a very warm, non-critical environment during the sessions. On the other hand, she’s practical and organized." 

Yaala B.,


"Louise is an amazing person, full of strength and patience. Thanks to our sessions and her unique approach my life has changed profoundly. My results wouldn't have been the same if I hadn't chosen Louise. I have dared to be courageous, step up and seek the career and life I truly want. Where I didn’t see a way, Louise created a path for me."

Sara Sestini,