The One Superpower We Don't Use Enough


This is a question I was asked about 107 times per hour over the past two weeks, and I’m amazed at how the answer to one question catalyzed the next. 

Remember when you were a child and everything was brand new? 

For the longest time, I believed in having “arrived” in life, thinking I got everything figured out.

Indeed, modern society tells us to “get our head out of the clouds” and get to work. A world where everything just seems more comfortable when we stay in our own bubble and go on autopilot. 

After all, how much more is out there for me?

With age and wisdom, our existence seems to shrink as we learn to define what is and is not possible for us–but oftentimes we set limits where there doesn’t have to be any.

The result of trying to squeeze myself into the neatly defined limits left me feeling woefully inadequate…

Because the moment I accepted my bubble, another part of me immediately yearned for something more.

‘Why?’ I wondered and reluctantly shut down the dreamer in me for the “practical” choice.

By nature, humans are wired for growth, it is an essential component of life. We each have infinite potential if we simply allow ourselves to glimpse it. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who could I be if I allowed myself to confront my fears?
  • Who could I be if I allowed myself to unapologetically dream?
  • Who could I be if I allowed myself to go beyond my neatly defined limits?

The moment I started asking myself these questions, I realized: Who I am and what I’m capable of is not something that is limited nor fixed. 

While who I am today gives an indication of the outcomes of my life experience thus far, they don’t fully express my spirit - a spirit that is curious, adventurous, loving, passionate, empathetic, at times insecure and sad, (and that’s ok!), an amalgamation of past experiences and conversations and small moments.

Those are the things that have shaped who I’ve become, and none of that, none of me, is fixed or limited, and that is what makes this journey so beautiful. 

So I want to remind you…

You are not limited, your time is. 

Your past is not your potential, your future is.

You are more powerful than what you fear.

Within you is the light of a thousand suns. So...

Get Curious

Don’t be afraid to try it

Explore it

Poke at it

Question it

I hold conversations that drip with honesty and utter vulnerability. Conversations that are so deep they resonate for hours after they have ended. Strip back the layers and get rid of the pretense and tell me how you feel about your life, about yourself, and your passions. Let’s talk about fears and insecurities. Tell me things you struggle to express. Until you have these types of conversations you realize how much you hold in your mind unsaid. These conversations teach you about yourself. Talk to me. Give yourself permission to take this time for you.



About Louise

Louise Heite is a certified life & business coach, leadership consultant, and holistic wellness advocate who helps founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders fuel their best selves and find breakthrough success.

With a track record of proven results, she helped scale and lead global customer support groups, built strong partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, and headed a crisis management team that brought over 2,000 people to safety. She is passionate about helping high-achieving individuals live life on purpose.