What One Word Reflects Your Intention

For This Coming Year?

Today marks the last day of the year. It marks the end of what has been for many a torturous cycle of fear and doubt. Knowing that what was is no more and what was learned are valuable tools to pave the way forward.

In the New Year, my wish for you is to live louder. Laugh more. Sing at the top of your lungs. Drive with the windows down and let the wind rustle through your hair. Hug longer. Connect deeper. Surround yourself with people who make you feel alive. Be the type of person that brings good energy wherever you go. Speak what's on your mind. Tell others that you love them. Live louder. Shine brighter. Have no doubts dear… you are the sun. Let it shine on you.

What words encapsulate the intention you'd like to set? 

To new beginnings! ✨


About Louise

Louise Heite is a certified life & business coach, leadership consultant, and holistic wellness advocate who helps founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders fuel their best selves and find breakthrough success.

With a track record of proven results, she helped scale and lead global customer support groups, built strong partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, and headed a crisis management team that brought over 2,000 people to safety. She is passionate about helping high-achieving individuals live life on purpose.